Center for Technology Innovation and Strategy Studies (CTISS),

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1. Introduction
2. Research Achievement:A~G
3. Leaders:
4. Zhouying JIN
CTISS is a non-profit research and consulting institute, under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). It is a non-governmental group that carries out independent research work.
CTISS is established in 1995. Its goals are to promote technological innovation and strategy study in China, and to provide theoretical foundation and policy recommendation for long-term strategy and national policy-making on society, economy, science and technology so as to enhance China’s comprehensive competitiveness.
The center draws on strong supports from academic, business, and government circles and wide connections in these areas. It takes the form of a virtual organization, recruiting scholars, management experts and entrepreneurs from various disciplines and industries to form a cross-discipline research team that combines backgrounds in social and natural sciences.
During the past fifteen years, CTISS has carried out over 20 projects that asked by the central government organizations such as the minister of Science and Technology (MOST), the State Planning Commission of China, local government and international agencies. They are related to various research areas, for instance, Long-term Strategy Integration and sustainable development, Knowledge based Economy and Development Strategy of China, High-Tech Strategy of China in 2001—2010 (The 863 Program is China High-Technology Research & Development Program), Water Resources Studies in the 21st Century of China, Service innovation and Social resources, The Future Enterprises, Oil and Natural gas Strategy for the 21st Century in China, China’s Genuine Progress Indicator(GPI) research, etc.
CTISS is well renowned internationally and in China, it has created unique research model in the field of soft technology and soft environment, broad sense of technology innovation, long-term strategy, sustainable development, service innovation, project evaluation and etc., while it is engaged in broad-ranging cooperation with foreign corporations and research institutions.

2. Research Achievement
A. Academic activities and achievement in Soft-tech field
CTISS has invited and lectured in fifteen countries and 30 universities, corporations, and conferences about the theory and application of the soft technology.
 (1) JIN Zhouying,《Soft Technology: The Essence and Space of Innovation》, Jan. 2002 by  
 Xinhua Publishing House
(2) JIN Zhouying,《Global Technological Change--From Hard Technology to Soft
Technology》, INTELLECT LTD, 2005.1, UK, and U.S
(3) JIN Zhouying, Ren Lin,《Service innovation and Social Resource》, Beijing, Financial and economic press of China, 2004
(4) JIN Zhouying, Jiang Jinhe, Gong Heihong, Long-term Strategy-system Integration and sustainable Development, Beijing, China Social Sciences document Press, 2006.8
(5))《Technological Institution and Soft Technology》By Zhouying JIN, Studies in International Technology and Economy, Vol.5, No.4, 2002 
 (6) Henri DOU, Jin Zhouying,《Passer de la representation du present a la vision prospective du futur--<technology foresight> 《From Technology Forecast to Technology Foresight》,journal of "Humanisme & Entreprise", N0 255, Oct.2002, pp1-24, France
 (7) Jin Zhouying, 《Soft Technology》 (Japanese, English, Chinese version), Tokyo,, Japan GIST academic series, ISSN 1345-6210, 2000.7
(8)Jin Zhouying,《From national soft power to corporate soft power》,China Soft Science, 2008.8
(9)Zhouying JIN, Ying Bai,《Report on Robot Developmen Policy of China》, Weapon industry Publishing company,2009.12
(10) Zhouying JIN, Ying Bai, 《Beyond the financial crisis: a way forward with development paradigm》,AI & Society Volum 24 Number 4, Nov.2009,Springer, UK
B. Strategic Research Programs
(1) Strategy for High-tech Research & Development (S863 Program) of
China in 2001 – 2010, requested by MOST
(2) Water Resources Studies in 21st Century China, Project of CTISS
(3) Strategy of “Zhongguancun” Science Park and Beijing Economy,
requested by Beijing Development and Planning Commission
(4) Macro-management and International Comparison for High Technology
Development of China, requested by (MOST)
(5) Strategic Management and institutional innovation on Coal bed Methane
Industry, requested by (MOST)
(6) Soft Technology & the strategy of thirdly industry, 2000-2001, (asked by The Ministry of Science & Technology)
(7) Strategy Integration (economic-social-environmental) and National
Economic Security, requested by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
(8) National strategy for development of Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry,
 2001.12-2003(asked by the Ministry of Science & Technology)
(9) The Industrial transition of Natural mine resource type of cities (asked by the Ministry of Science & Technology, 2003)
(10) Recombine and Renovate for Energy Strategy of China,2000,(Sub- Project of S863 Strategy Research Program)
(11)《Report on Robot Development Strategy Study-History, Technology, Industry, Standard and Policy》(Sub- Project of S863 Strategy Research Program), 2008-2009
(12) China《Genuine Progress Indicator-GPI》Report, 2008-2009
C. Enterprise Management Consultation
(1) Conducted consulting projects and diagnosis of problems for 30 Mediumand Large Scale Companies
(2)Management Diagnosis and Evaluation System(copyright : ENCAS. 2003)
(3)Comprehensive Evaluation Support System for Technological Engineering Projects (copyright: PECAS.2003)
(4)Strategy Analysis Support System-ENCAS-2004
(5) Audited 7 China’s companies by GC360 (Global Citizenship Comprehensive Audit System) and recommended as the Future 500 member
D. Project Assessment
(1) Assessment for S863 Program from an Economic and Social  
Perspective, requested by MOST(1995.7-1996.4)
(2) Assessment for the Eighth Five Year ‘Breakthrough Project’, requested
by the SPCC (the State Planning Committee of China) 1996
(3) Intellectualized Robotics and National Economy in China, requested by
MOST Evaluation on Robot technology on economic development of China, 2000.1-12, (asked by The Ministry of Science & Technology)
(4) Evaluation of Coal bed Methane industry, requested by MOST
(5) Comprehensive Evaluation System for the CIMS (Computer Integrated
Manufacturing System) Engineering Project, requested by MOST
(6) A number of feasibility studies for investment projects
E. Participation in Regional Planning Programs
 (1)Plan of Developing Ecological City in Rizhao City, Shandong Province
(2) Beijing 《Genuine Progress Indicator-GPI》Report, 2009
 (4) Strategic Research on China’s Resource Security Under Globalization,  
 requested by the CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
(5) Research on the Effects and Countermeasures of Urbanization and
Ecological Environment
(6) Research on Typical Ecological System Service Functions in China
(7) Ecological Effects of Agriculture Forest Complex Landscape Strategy of “ZhongGuanCun” Science Park and Beijing Economy, asked by Planning Committee of Beijing City
(8) Knowledge Economy and Development Strategy of Beijing , asked by Science and Technology Committee of Beijing
F. International Cooperation
(1) Future Technology Roadmap {with Institute for the Future ( IFTF)}
(2) Future of Post Mail in China (Survey Analysis with IFTF)
(3) The Role of Internet and Groupware in the Communication Between Chinese and American Cultures
(4) Future Investment Environment of Western China, requested by the Hongkong Telephone
(5) Organizer of China’s First International e-Government Conference –
China e-Government International Conference (2001)
(6) Produced numerous market entry reports for international organizations
(7) Green Car Development Guideline and Environmental policy in China
(8)Environmental strategy for transnational Auto companies
Undertaking 《The Future 500 Forum》in China collaborate with the Future 500(Global) and the Future 500 (China).
(1) Seminar: 《Introduce the Future 500 mechanism to China》, February 2004
(2)《The Future 500 China 2004 Forum》, October 2004.
Theme: “The scientific approach to development and the enterprise of the future”
(3) 《The Future 500 2005 China Forum》, October 2005.
Theme:“Corporate triple responsibility and the harmonious society” 
(4) 《Future 500 International Forum 2006》, October 2006.
  Theme:” New business mode and sustainable development”.
3. Leaders:
ChairmanToingsan Wang, Director, Institute of Quanti-Econoics and Techno-Economics, CASS 
DirectorZhouying JIN, Senior researcher and Professor, Institute of Quanti-Econoics and Techno-Economics, CASS
Office Address: No.5 Jianguomennei Street, Beijing, 100732, CHINA
Contact:Zhouying JIN 86-10-1391 013 2639
4. Zhouying JIN
Professor Zhouying Jin is a senior researcher and professor,  Institute of Quantitative-Economics and Technical-Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Director, Centre for Technology Innovation and Strategy Studies (CTISS), of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. She also is president and founder for the Beijing Academy of Soft Technology. She was graduated from Chinese University of Science and Technology in 1965; a researcher, Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (1960s); Deputy Chief Engineer of Changchun Electric Industrial Administration (1970s); during 1980 to 1984, She studied Management and Consultant in Japan Productivity Center and awarded the title of Management Consultant by JPC; Vice secretary-general, China enterprise Directors (Managers) Association of State Economic Committee of China (1980s). From 1988 (to present), she serves for the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
In 1996-2000, she has been appointed by MOST (Ministry of Science & Technology) as a key member of Nation’s S863 Plan and appointed as the Experts Team Leader of Strategy for the S863 Plan (China High-Tech Research & Development Plan for 2001-2010) of China.
She was visiting professor of Case Western Reserve University and University of Nebraska-Lincoln, U.S.A (1993-1994); Senior Research Fellow, Institute For The Future (IFTF, U.S. CA, Menlo Park 1996); Special researcher, Institute of Science and Technology policy of Japan (2001.12-2002-4); visiting professor of University of Aix-Marseille III of France (2003.9-10).
Since the past fifteen years, she bending herself to research on the another paradigm of technology- “soft technology” and founded the Beijing Academy of Soft Technology. So far, she was invited by fifteen countries and 30 universities research institutes, big companies and international conferences to present about the theory and application of the soft technology, for instance, she was invited as a speaker for the First ‘Festival of Thinkers’ as one of the ten World Thinkers with ten Nobel Laureates in 2005; and to the International conference of Innovation management in Brazil, World Resource Forum September in Davos, WIPO Regional Symposium on Management of Intellectual Capital in Hong Kong in 2009.
She is Chairman and founder of The Future 500(China), which is aiming to improving sustainability and harmonizing economic profits with social and environmental benefits in enterprises dimensions (triple bottom line).
In the recent fifteen years she led more than 30 important projects within 20 projects has asked by central government, ministry, Chinese academy of social sciences, or international organizations, e.g. in 1996-2000, She had been in charge of “ the Strategy Research for the Nation’s S863 Plan”; in 2001-2005, she organized a cross-discipline team to led the project of ”Long-term strategy integration and sustainable development” asked by CASS; “National strategy for Petroleum and Natural Gas”; “Evaluation of Nation’s High-Tech Research & Development Plan”, “Assessment for The Breakthrough Project”; “Service innovation and NGO organizations in China”; “Strategic Management and institutional innovation on Coal bed Methane industry”; “Green Car Development Guideline and Environmental policy in China”; “Environmental strategy for transnational Auto companies”; “The water problem in China”; “The water crisis (An advice to center government)”, “China GPI-genuine progress indicator”, “GPI-genuine progress indicator of Beijing City”,etc. t
Among her publications, there are 13 monographs, 6 translated books, more than 30 research reports and hundred of thesis. Her monographs include: 《Management and Enterprises Diagnosis》, Beijing; 《Soft Technology-- The Essence and Space of Innovation》, Beijing and U.S.A; 《Service Innovation and Social Resource》, Beijing; 《Virtual Institute and Organization innovation》, London;《Technology Driving Force for Sustainable Development—Principle of harmony and balance》, London; 《Soft Technology》,Japan; 《Technological Institution and Soft Technology》, Beijing; 《Passer de la representation du present a la vision prospective du future--<technology foresight>》, France; 《Global Technological Change--From Hard Technology to Soft Technology》, UK and U.S; 《Technological Progress in History: Survey of Evolution and Shift of Emphasis From ‘Hard-tech’ to ‘Soft-tech’ Development》London;《Institutional innovation on Coal bed Methane industry》;《The policy of robot development in China》; 《Long-term strategy integration and sustainable development》; 《Soft Technology and Technology Innovation》; 《Soft technology, soft infrastructure and Knowledge economy》; 《From nation’s soft power to soft power of enterprises》; 《Global Technological Change and Business Mode Innovation-The abuliding Fourth Industrial Revolution》etc.
She holds two personal copyrights on Enterprises Evaluation and Benefit and Risk Evaluating System for Technological Project.
Relevant Experience:
During 1982-1995 she was consulted and diagnosed over 30 Medium and Large Scale Companies; Vice President, Chinese Research & Consultation Corp. of Economic &Technology (1990-1993); Senior Advisor for over ten large and medium State-own companies. During 1989-1999, as a volunteer, she worked with Care Japan to help China’s depressed area such as Tong County of Hubei Province, NanChong County of Sichuan Province, etc.
Academic Experience:Jin is a Guest Professor of Hohai University (Nanjing) and Academic member of Shanghai Academy of Systematic Science. She was a Member of Professional Committee of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (1992-2000), Guest Professor of Chinese University of Science and Technology, Tsinghua University (Beijing). She is Research Fellow of World Business Academy(Ojai, CA, U.S.); Planning Committee Member and Chair of China node of the Millennium Project; Member, The Club of Rome EU-Chapter; Senior Research Fellow of IC2 Institute At Austin; Member of World Future Society; Fellow of the WIF (World innovation Foundation); Member of the Research Advisory Board for "ETHICAL MARKETS " ITV; Member of Editorial Board, AI & Society, in British and International Journal of “Technology Intelligence and Planning” in France, etc.

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